Human Interface…

As a user of different technologies, products and tools I am continuously interacting with interfaces which allow me to take control of them. I sometimes also have to struggle with them!

My eyes cross checking the parameters of the control panel of my single seat aircraft making sure that they’re all green; my hands exerting light pressure on the cyclic and collective pitch to maintain the steady hovering of my military transport helicopter despite the wind; visualizing the complexities of a comprehensive financial situation through a simple graphic; browsing and setting up my operating system to make it mine; the softness of my fingers on the keys of the piano to evoke the sound I desire.

Designing the right interface for your tools is the key of their success.

Ménestrel HN433 F-PCTY

What would have become of the wheel if we hadn’t invented the steering wheel?

I love interfaces. They make you feel in control and allow you to use tools as extensions of yourself.

Simplicité et ergonomie pour faire corps avec la machine.

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Here we are…

While deciding what topic to cover in my first official post, this subject struck me as being an obvious starting point…

I spent quite a few hours browsing, studying and thinking through the various methods for starting a new blog.  The reviews of the different options offered by numerous website builders made them quite appealing and seemed to present an easy way to get started.

However, I felt they were still missing something essential…

I’m an engineer; I like to understand how things works and as any Executive or Pilot I like to be in control and to keep my options open to drive my course.  My analysis drove me to not choose what seemed like the easiest way to proceed. After research and consideration I decided to build my website from scratch in a more modular, evolutive and polyvalent way.

Comme ce vieux dicton Français qui nous suggère de ne pas mettre tous ses œufs dans le même panier.

One never knows in which direction the wind and the flo(w) will ultimately drive him… All I needed were the tools to control the drift and to maintain flexibility to make decisions that would enable me to potentially change my selected path at any given landmark.

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